what a weekend

I have had a wild last few days.   a quick recap:

Thursday:   Start the day like any other school day but have a sub there who I talked with and got prepped for my last couple days of the week.     Then we packed up and hit the road for the Missouri Association of Student Councils State Convention.    This is an event that i attended in 2001 as a high school senior and have now attended the last three years as a student council advisor.     The day started great but then had a really terrible bit of news head our way: the suicide of a student at our school.     News like that is always difficult and confusing for everyone on how to feel and deal.  

The convention went well.  Guest speakers, info sessions, round table discussions, activities...... good stuff all in all i must say.   It is also nice to get to see the students from around the state i have worked with at camp in the summer and the other advisors that i only get to see every few months.    

The weather brought us home early but it was great.  Then a full weekend full of crazy basketball games and relaxation.    a few photos i took from the conference