Special Olympics Track Meet 2013

In my 6 years as a student council advisor I have been fortunate enough to work with an incredible group of people.  This year was another great example and has truly shown me what a bright future we have.  The young people I get to work with in Student Council at Fort really make my life much fuller.  

This was a little recap video I put together from our track meet yesterday.  This is actually the first video I have tried since getting my new camera....I think it went well.


It is pretty likely that you have all heard of the song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black.   If not go ahead and watch it here before you read on.  It is equally addicting and ridiculous.  

This weekend we had our StuCo lock-in and it gets a bit tough to  stay awake when you hit the 3 and 4 o'clock hour.    MUSIC VIDEO TIME!   

we made one last year as well..... available here if you are interested.    


Another great Friday related event happened that same night.    Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert teamed up as a fundraiser for    I will have more info on this organization later.... but it's pretty great if you haven't checked it out yet. 

Anyway.... here is their video.



Some days are busy and others are lazy..... either way you can be productive.   That alwoys makes me feel good when i get things done.    Today, for example, I....:

  1. donated blood
  2. cooked in all but one of my classes
  3. cleaned and organized my room during that other class
  4. baked around 50 dozen cookies with the help of some students and mi madre and hermana for a charity event.
  5. helped out at an alumni basketball tournament hosted by FOHS stuco that raised over $800 for our local special olympic athletes 

feels good to be busy and productive


Parent Teacher Conferences.  


That is a big part of my week this week.    I really enjoy conferences.   It's nice to get some background on your students and it's just a different type of week.   WE do conferences for four hours on Monday evening and Tuesday evening (those 8 hours earn us a day off on Friday) and regular school hours on Thursday.   So we have students for 3 days and the students get a five day weekend for Columbus Day.    That is probably plenty of time to celebrate the great holiday.  

After dominating Homecoming our next big event is coming up only days later for Fort StuCo.  We are hosting our district convention here on Friday while there are no classes.    It's plenty of work and a lot of fun.   Following that convention there is an advisors workshop at The Lake on Sunday and Monday.   This is one of my favorite workshops where people get new ideas and networks...... and if you play your cards right you can find your future wife there.   Pam and I met at this workshop 3 years ago.    YAY!   Oh what a difference 3 years makes.  

Have a great week!