I will start this off by saying that I know it may come off a bit lame but I actually feel fortunate about how my life has turned out.   I watched PRECIOUS last night.     

It is a pretty good movie.   'Good' isn't a great descriptor but I consider a movie 'good' if it makes me feel something.   If I feel inspired, uncomfortable, motivated, sadness.... or if I laugh out loud then it seems to be a pretty 'good' movie.    This movie made me extremely uncomfortable in a few parts..... and sad a bit too.   In the end I guess I most just took a step back and realized once again (it never hurts to be reminded to count your blessings) that I live and have lived an extremely blessed life.   I have a great family and friends and never went without anything I really needed.    That is pretty awesome and I am thankful for that.


In photography news I have an exciting month planned.   I have my sister's wedding, at least two senior picture sessions and some commercial style photography for a website of a friend of mine who is starting a business.    That is all very exciting.   I feel like i will finally have some more good stuff to put up on here.