Lunch with Grandma

Betsy getting some lunch at City Market while we wait on our gyros. mmm!

Betsy getting some lunch at City Market while we wait on our gyros. mmm!

Nothing quite like it.  I have not left the house much during the day for these past couple weeks.  This child care business is for real!   I have had the chance to go meet my mom on Mondays and Fridays for lunch, though.  A few shots from our lunch hour outing on Friday.

Betsy.... gamechanger!

If my daughter is ever in a relationship like I have with this website.... I will not be pleased.  I am quite neglectful when it comes to this page, but oh well.   I am back, and accepts me with open arms because that is our dynamic.  

Pam and I had a kid!   Betsy Kay Tholen was born in February and has changed everything.  I feel like I am in a new club now that has a shared experience of trauma, joy, fear, excitement, nervousness, stress, but mostly total LOVE.   If you'd like to see some picture of her I'll give you some options. #dailyBetsyfix on instagram or facebook is a good place to start.  I also bought her name as a domain because of some sort of tech geek nesting instinct.  It wasn't the only one I bought.  It's like a weird tech land grab... hard to explain.

Seven and a half weeks have now passed and Pam went back to work today.  I am taking the next couple weeks to stay home with Betsy and have a few goals for myself when I am home.  One of which is to chronicle our days on this site, because I actually have something to write about.   I also discovered an old pal who has been writing a blog and I'd be lying it I didn't admit that it sparked this a little as well.  Nicely done kimBERLY. 

Day one of this experience is today.  Pam got off to work and I didn't get washed over with nearly as much panic as I thought I might.  I have changed some diapers, fed the little lady, played with her some (although I am likely just entertaining myself), and TRIED to get a few things done.  Not much extra time really.  I just put Betsy down for a nap and should probably be using this brief time for a shower or other things but here I am.   

More on this later.....