mr. mom

Betsy.... gamechanger!

If my daughter is ever in a relationship like I have with this website.... I will not be pleased.  I am quite neglectful when it comes to this page, but oh well.   I am back, and accepts me with open arms because that is our dynamic.  

Pam and I had a kid!   Betsy Kay Tholen was born in February and has changed everything.  I feel like I am in a new club now that has a shared experience of trauma, joy, fear, excitement, nervousness, stress, but mostly total LOVE.   If you'd like to see some picture of her I'll give you some options. #dailyBetsyfix on instagram or facebook is a good place to start.  I also bought her name as a domain because of some sort of tech geek nesting instinct.  It wasn't the only one I bought.  It's like a weird tech land grab... hard to explain.

Seven and a half weeks have now passed and Pam went back to work today.  I am taking the next couple weeks to stay home with Betsy and have a few goals for myself when I am home.  One of which is to chronicle our days on this site, because I actually have something to write about.   I also discovered an old pal who has been writing a blog and I'd be lying it I didn't admit that it sparked this a little as well.  Nicely done kimBERLY. 

Day one of this experience is today.  Pam got off to work and I didn't get washed over with nearly as much panic as I thought I might.  I have changed some diapers, fed the little lady, played with her some (although I am likely just entertaining myself), and TRIED to get a few things done.  Not much extra time really.  I just put Betsy down for a nap and should probably be using this brief time for a shower or other things but here I am.   

More on this later.....