my summer in pictures.

I decided that my last post of the summer should be a little recap of my summer.   Meetings start tomorrow, school starts in a week, and today is my last day of summer.... in a manner of speaking.  i shot this recap completely on my phone.    enjoy..... i know i did.

 stayed up late... usually too late


planned on building a deck (haven't yet) 


 went to a few concerts...... this is from weezer (great show)


went to MASC (see here) and admired these duckcakes that pam made. 


went to milwaukee with some friends for a bachelor party..... congrats seth (left)

 this is vladimir putin, on a horse.... inside joke.

 on our milwaukee trip we saw a father son star trek pair.   nice.


i also found a souvenir jersey for my jesus bobblehead.


i taught summerschool and watched some world cup.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


i went to plenty of royals games. 



 celebrated fourth of july....and ate PLENTY of good food.


helped pam find a new couch


witnessed some awkward toilet situations


 brenna got settled in to her new locale 


found this at Target.   weird. 


did plenty of yard work with only few casualties  


 saw seth and angie get hitched


'played' plenty of foursquare


suffered thru the heatwave (noticed the bottom left number)


 went to memphis and had even more good food.   above and below. 


 pam and i found a HUGE rocking chair.

 it rained for about a month straight..... which has been forgotten due to the terrible heat.

 enjoyed some more good food and have been trying to do so with some better decisions.

moved pam to Liberty!

 pam's new apartment.

another concert (old 97s) 

more royals games

survived a stick-up by Pam's mom.   (in retrospect, those may have been fakes)

 more heat.

got my backyard  looking much better.... there was once quite a brush pile.  still need to rig up a shed door.


the end.


Tomorrow starts year 5 of teaching for me.   I am sure that there will be another update when students come and the year actually starts.... but for now I just needed to say, "so long, sweet summer."