The good stuff and the bad stuff.

There are some things in this world that make you feel really good and some things in this world that can really frustrate you.  We all have our own little quirks and pet peeves.  Here are a couple that I've experienced lately.  

We will start with the aggravating stuff and end on a positive note.
GRRRR:   This is a public service announcement/rant that everyone needs to hear.   It seems this world really needs to hear this:
When attending a sporting event, please dress appropriately.   I mean that if you are at a Royals game and they are playing the Oakland A's (for instance)  you are to wear something  that shows you are rooting for the Royals or A's or you could wear a shade of blue or green/yellow.    You can also choose to remain neutral (why are you at the game?) by wearing a color that represents neither team.   These are all accepted behaviors.     IT IS NOT OKAY TO WEAR A CUBS SHIRT AND/OR BOSTON HAT WHEN THESE TEAMS ARE NOT PLAYING.  It is your own problem if you are a Cubs or Sox fan and that is fine (lame, but fine) but I am only using them as examples... any other baseball team is off limits unless they are playing.  I don't care if you think that Yankees hat looks cool..... it doesn't if they aren't playing.   I have no problem seeing a fan dress crazy for the opposing team... i respect that.   If I attended a Royals game in Tampa Bay you can bet I will be supporting my team.   It is hard to explain how much this bothers me and how to justify why it is so horrible in my mind (i know i am not alone).   Just trust me that you are the lowest of the low in my book if you exhibit these behaviors.   If you don't have a dog in the fight.... just root root root for the home team.  This works for other sports too, by the way.   If you are at a Chiefs-Raiders game please don't wear a Green Bay shirt because they are also a football team and you are at a football game.   It just doesn't work this way.    
The exact opposite is true at concerts.  I had this revelation at a concert i attended on Thursday.  You are encouraged to wear a band t-shirt to a concert.... just not the bad that is playing.   It is NOT okay to wear the band that is playing to their show.   For example:  I can wear a Modest Mouse shirt to a Band of Horses concert (these are alternative bands... if it helps you just insert Beiber/Gaga or Boston/Journey depending on your age) but I should not wear a Modest Mouse shirt to a Modest Mouse concert....even if I just bought it.    
If you commit these offenses you are officially "that guy."     It is never good to be "that guy."  By the way, that is always the term...regardless of gender.    
whew.   Glad that is off my chest.   Just know that if you are acting this way at a game i am mentally punching you in the side of the neck and losing respect for you.
The good stuff:  I was driving home this evening and listening to music.   I really enjoy driving my car and especially at night....not sure why.  Maybe it is the mesmerizing blue glow from all the gauges and such.   I just really enjoy driving downtown, at night when there is little traffic and the weather is nice.   I haven't had many opportunities lately because the weather has been dominatling-ly hot since mid may it feels like.  I just roll down all four windows and open up the sunroof and turn my music up.   Tonight the stars just lined up right and my shuffle on my ipod was just playing what I needed to hear.   It's the little things in life that make it so good sometimes.  
Thanks for listening/reading..... am i crazy?