quiiiiiick update

Life has officially gotten busier this past week.   I am guessing that if you read this you have probably heard that Pam and I are now engaged, and i couldn't be much happier about that.  School officially began on Wednesday which i am pretty excited about.   I have had all my classes once and have already determined that it is going to be a great semester...... so i got that going for me.  

On the softball front:   our church league is dominating and hitting our stride late in the season.   the tourney starts on monday night and we have a #1 seed.    Go First Christians!......"they will know we are Christians by our glove!"        -   our Odessa league started tonight and i took a line drive off the knee.  awesome.   two wins though. 

Photography is on the front of my mind lately and i am excited for a few reasons about a shoot I have on Sunday.... updates soon.   I had a great engagement session last week as well.... updates sooner.