Beth & Michelle: Engaged

I was really excited to get the chance to do some photo work with these too.   I have no clue how they found my work but my best guess would be at some point over a family dinner..... Beth is my sister-in-law.  We had a nice fall afternoon (yeah, i am behind on posting these) in Washington, MO and I look forward to their big day.

MASC 2010

MASC is the Missouri Association of Student Councils and has bee a part of my life since i was in high school.   As a student i attended their summer leadership workshop (located in Fulton, MO on the William Woods University campus and often just called MASC) a few times, attended State and District conventions and stayed in touch with the people i met along the way.   

I have since then become a teacher, started working with student councils as an advisor, and gone back to attend MASC as an adult.   It is wild to be a peer with people i looked up to in high school but it is great to be able to give back and make this experience happen for others.    Below are some photos from the past week that i spent at MASC (my 7th summer there total).


 These are the people, like me, who have come thru this program and have returned to work as an adult.  Some of the best folks around.


 This is a photo of the group i was with this summer.   council k.  


 some enthusiasm during down time.


 our version of the show 'wild and crazy kids'.    the MASC olympics.   great team-building.


 council k in their warpaint.... ready for the olympics


 high school students from around missouri


the duck.... mascot for MASC.   This photo is at the end of the 'duck race.'   'buy a duck for a buck' to help support Special Olympics.


It sounds cliche but MASC really is a place like no other.  If you have attended then you probably get what i am saying a bit.   If you have never been I will try to explain.    Take 500 kids and send them somewhere where they can have fun, learn about leadership and hopefully better themselves.  This is a good start.  Then you divide them up into groups where they will likely know no one and make them meet some new friends.   Then put these groups through a series of activities that will slowly build them into a team.   Do all these things on a college campus and put a big emphasis on personal leadership and respect.  Encourage males to be gentlemen and treat ladies as they should be treated and encourage the ladies to earn and deserve this respect.   I am not sure exactly how it works out so well but it does.   It becomes a little week long utopia where people are kind to each other and it makes people wish that the 'real world' could be this way.   Maybe it can.... but we have a lot of work to do.  "Start small but start now"


for bunches of photos try my flickr feed or facebook album