a true update

After catching up on some of my favorite blogs this evening I decided it was time for an ACTUAL update.  

I did a solid month (noticed I picked the shortest one) of blog posts every day to try and recommit to something that has always felt good to me. Photography is another of those but it has been so crappy out for so long.... ugh.   I enjoyed the month but found myself forcing up posts that probably wouldn't have gone up otherwise.  That's okay, but I am ready for some real content now. 

I just finished reading Josh Solar's blog (probably my favorite KC photographer) update from last week about Fear.   It was pretty gutsy..... which is something I usually am not online.  I am pretty measured and that is usually a good thing.  I think some of that restraint comes naturally from being a teacher and some of it has to do with the fact that I do my best not to post anything that I wouldn’t want my grandma, a student, a co-worker..... well ANYONE to read.  That sometimes leads me not to post things with much depth.... which we all need a bit of now and again.  So here is what is actually new with me.... in categories:

School:  My job as a teacher is fantastic.  I have the great students this semester and feel like I have been more prepared than ever before which is a aspect of my teaching that I have to work especially hard at.  Student Council (a sub category of school) just finished elections and looks like it will be great again next year... and this year still has plenty more action left.

Photography:  My other goal for February was to get a Facebook Fan Page for my photography put up.    I got it launched late late at night on February 28th.... maybe it wasn’t technically still Feb. but I don’t really count a day as over until you have gone to sleep.   This page has been great to get the word out a bit and has even drummed up some business in just under a week.   I already have over 500 fans which kinda blows me away, actually.   The weather is turning back to good again and I am ready to start spending some quality time behind a camera.  It really is a good place to be.  I even have a REALLY big gig in just about 6 weeks (featured in the 'family' section of this post)

Family: big photo gig:  BRENNA IS GETTING MARRIED (that is my sister) and I will be photographing the wedding.  This wasn't our original plan but I am very glad/excited that it is now the plan.   The wedding is really the biggest news currently in the Tholen family.  

a quick Tholen shout out:   MASH Handmade  -   check this place out.  It is my cousin and aunt's shop.

Pam:  where do I begin... this gal is pretty fantastic and every time I get to spend time around her I find more and more that I like about her and that we have in common.  It is pretty great. 

Health: I have been getting to the gym more lately and will be trying my best to keep this up.  Eating better needs to be my next big goal.  For someone who is usually at least marginally successful when I set my mind to something I wish I would just set my mind to this.... less talk; more do....  I teach a class called Nutrition and Wellness for goodness sake.   yikes.

House:  Pam and I had some folks over this weekend and it was pretty great.   It was also nice to get it looking the best it ever has because of this gathering.   It is really starting to feel like a home and I am still a HUGE fan of its location.  I could walk to a royals game if I wanted to.   awesome.

Friends: It is a weird deal being in your 20s and having a job and bills and a social life.  I know people have been doing it forever but I have not.   So it is new to me.  I have had a great month of seeing many of my friends and continuing with some new traditions as well. 


That’s probably enough for now.   Enjoy this weather.