new school year.... clean desk

While this desk may not look clean to you it is a vast improvement from the way this workspace has looked in the last.......uhh... ever.    

Clean desk, new year

This place is where i keep up with folks, work on school things at home, work on photo stuff, and many other things so there is some time spent here.  I am not much of a neat freak but it does feel nice for this to be under control.   This is my goal... or at least a symbol of my goal.    Stay a bit more organized.  I am about to start my 4th year (wow.... 4 already!?) of teaching and am finally feeling like it is possible for me to stay on top of everything and be a bit more organized.  Methinks this organization movement may also lead to staying on top of some other basic goals.    Those include photography-related goals and throw-things-away goals to simplify my life a bit.      

alright.... bed time.    hope all is well with you.