Summer 09 - I will miss thee

As it goes with any summer it has gone far too fast. In a couple days
I go back for teacher meetings and in a week or so school will be
starting up again. Yikes! It has been a fantastic summer filled
with good food, good folks, good sleep, and good times. I am looking
forward to the school season rolling around again (it is happening no
matter what). It is just nice to have some experience under my belt
and know what I am doing. Plus I don't have any née classes this year
so I get to focus a bit more on improving my existing stuff. Woot!
I also plan on staying busy with some photography during the year as
well, which always makes me happy. All in all life is good. Went
to a great, very warm, wedding last week and got to see my family
which is always nice.
These days I am going to try to get to update this more and keep
taking pictures. I am also going to try to get in the kitchen a bit
more at home and work on creating some masterpieces like this meal my
mom cooked recently. Mmmmmm