a revolutionary food creation

scene:  it is about 7 o'clock and i have just walked in the door after a long day at school followed by a track meet.  i am hungry and talking to holly, the roomie, about what we are doing for dinner.  we decide on spaghetti but we are pretty awesome and so we decide we will create a new and awesome (we hope) spaghetti creation.   skip the middle part.........success!

i am looking for a name for this creation.  let me know in the comment section below if you have any good ideas for what to call this masterpiece.  



spaghetti all spiced up and nice and wrapped up to go in a pita (homeade and wonderful).  the pita has a tiny bit of butter on it to hold the garlic salt and parmesan cheese.   the spaghetti is whole wheat pasta with a fancy beef ragu which is topped with a italian cheese blend.    

WHOA!   - i feel like joey lawrence all the sudden


Anyhow... this creation is handy enough to eat with one hand..... has plenty of carbs to keep energy high.... and tastes like a little slice of heaven.   help me name it.