09-10 Snow Day #1

snow day, snow-day, snowday!

There is this odd vibe i get from my students that students love snow days and teachers hate them.  I don't know if this stems from a sort of us vs them thing that teens are often prone to or if it is something that they had heard in the past.  I can not speak for all teachers but i am 100 percent in favor of snow days.   It probably stems from my life circumstances (not having kids and such) and from being an optimist in general.   I know that since i have no control over snow days happening or not that i may as well enjoy the free day off.   Snow days are on of the greatest little surprises.   For all of you that have been out of high school for a while, just think back to that fantastic feeling you got....... it never goes away.

Some say that they would rather be in school now and out in may.   I understand that reasoning but why on earth would i think a negative thought about this awesome gift that i have no control over.   To those people i have to use a famous Garth Algar argument...."live in the now."    Too much of being a 'grown up' has to do with thinking to the future and planning ahead.   While I will never be able to stop growing older.... no one can force me to grow up and stop being excited about the little things in life....... snow days rock.