moving is tiring

i don't have any photos to share just yet but wanted to update ya'll.   This week i will get all finished up with my last senior shoot (previewed in my last post - skateboard intensive) and maybe do another shoot if the weather stays nice.  I just got a new lens and i think it is going to be fantastic for portrait shooting.   It is a Canon L lens which is their real high end stuff.   woo!

i have been in the process of moving in and unpacking for a little over a week now.  Owning a home is pretty great so far.  The possibilities of it all are just sort of exciting.   I am hoping to have all my boxes unpacked this week and maybe have a little housewarming event soon.   pictures will also be up soon as we.

i am very excited about this new kitchen and am hoping that it will lead to much use.      

this is a pretty scattered post but i am trying to get back in the grove a bit with it all.      wondering when our first one of these will be: