buying a house!

hey everybody.... big news in this guy's world.

I have been on the hunt for a house for a month or so and it seems like it is taking all my spare time.  The end result will be pretty sweet it seems like.    I am officially buying my first house.   I put in an offer after looking at  a bunch of places and then accepted the seller's counter offer.    My paperwork is now completed and i have an upcoming appraisal sometime and an inspection on Wednesday.   It sure is looking like this is really going to happen!

For those of you from the kc area, my new place is near the intersection of 40 & Sterling right near I-70..... pretty close to Cool Crest or V's or Dixon's Chili..... and very close to the stadiums!

here are a couple pictures.   this first one is just of the house...... i am leaving those flags up.    the second picture is just of an awesome tree that is in the front yard.

My new house!

Tree and yard of my née place

I am not sure if i can call this "my house" yet but every day that is getting closer and closer to the truth!


Hope all is well in your world.