home sweet home

everyone lives somewhere.  I have moved many many times in past 8 years.  It is getting a bit old actually but hopefully i will find a place to call my own here in the near future.   I am looking for something like this a bit east of KC:

I have seen a few places like this year the river so i am sure it won't be an issue.

IN THE MEAN TIME I am living with my parents.  It is a great situation albeit a bit odd to say out loud.  It doesn't feel weird since i have lived in this location for a VAST majority of my life.  It is really nice to have this as an option while i find a house to buy.  

For those of you who don't know what my parents' house looks like.... here you go:

It is a little big for just the two of them so it is nice that i am around.   I stay on this upper floor.  the Odessan sunsets are marvelous from my upper floor.... not that any of our neighbors could know.

The house actually does need to be this big because of my mom and her collections:

This is one of the rooms of her bear collection.  she calls them her kids.... which i guess makes me the oldest of 44,000 or so... and the 4th tallest.  

She also has a wing of the house devoted to the forgotten game console, SEGA Dreamcast. (not pictured)


In other, and possibly more realistic, news I am very excited about our Student Council Advisors Workshop coming this weekend at the Lake.   It's just nice to see this group.    

Life is good.