Day 7

It's day 7 of me staying home with Betsy. 7 of only 10!  Ahhhhhhh!  I had great intentions of chronicling it here daily but a few things got in my way. 1.  She is very needy. It's like I have to do everything for her. (What a baby) :).  Which leaves me with significantly less free time than I would have imagined.   2. She is so cute that I just find myself just staring at her.    3. While I cherish this time with her a lot of it isn't exactly newsworthy.    4. I'm a bum. 

We did have some news yesterday, though. Betsy had her 2 month doctors appointment (that's right, it's already been two months)  and got 4 shots.  She is now a full 11 pounds and in the 84th percentile in head size.... Makes me proud. She seems to be responding pretty well to the shots, although they seem to have wiped her out. 

So that is that.