Day two.

So today was a day full of Betsy smiles and Betsy poop.  A serious amount of Betsy's poop. It is Friday and her last deuce was Sunday.  She decided to save up I guess to really have a party today.    

A day in the life of b.k.  

A day in the life of b.k.  

Here was her breakdown today: 

wake up, eat, nap, bath, eat, poop, nap, poop, bath, poop, nap while dad and grandma went to lunch, get weighed (10,10!), come home and get a bottle from grandpa, poop, then lots of smiles.    I would smile too if I had just dropped a quarter of my body weight into some diapers (and all over my clothing and back and everywhere else). 

Now it's off to Washington, mo.  Road trip!