happy MAR10 day!

today, March 10th, is Mario day. i guess technically it is MAR10 Day.

back story: remember reading an old milk carton... you know the old ones that were made of cardboardy type material and you had to open the top, you would remember how the expiration date was printed on the top tab. if the milk expired on january 7th, for example, it would have said JAN07. December 29th would have been DEC29. March 10th is MAR10.... MARIO!

no matter who you are when you hear the word 'mario' you can not help but think of the beloved nintendo character (pictured to the left). i know that when i think of mario i can't help but think of the original mario bros. or any version of mario kart. i have always had a bit of a soft spot for mario kart and i fancy myself a pretty skilled kart-ist.

anyway, please spend a bit of your day today playing a video game that features mario and take some time to appreciate all that mario has given to our wonderful way of life.

Happy MAR10 Day!