People who get stabbed on tv shows

I was talking to my mom about this the other day and decided I should
share this frustration.
We have all watched plenty if tv in our day and if you are anything
like me you watch the occasional, or more than occasional, cop show.
On these shows or really any action show you will see people get
stabbed. I personally feel like being stabbed would be pretty
terrible but I can never empathize for the victim because I am always
so bothered by the way they die. If a person got stabbed the would
not just instantly fade away. A knife wound would cause you to bleed
to death which I imagine could take a bit. It just seems like these
people react to a knife wound like someone just shut off the light
switch that keeps them alive. Anyway, please keep your eye peeled
next time you see someone get stabbed (on tv) and let me know if it
seems a bit quick.