parent-teacher conferences

i would like to start by saying that i think the idea of parent teacher conferences is not a bad idea.   with that said... i did not want to be in conferences today.   not one bit.    today's weather is the stuff dreams are made of.    I was outside for less than 3 minutes in daylight today.      pure sadness.  no one could have called this weather but i am thinking someone could have predicted that st pats would be on march 17th this year and i am a bit disappointed to be having conferences on a holiday.  i am thinking i could be out and about and i assume that others will be out and about and not visiting us teachers hanging out at the school.   just a shame with the weather turning out how great it did.  

in better news i gotta say that it is march and bracket craziness is in full on crazy mode.    someone needs to help me decide on my bracket choices.    MEAT MADNESS!