The Streak ends.

Pam and I have been on quite a weekend streak these past couple months.  With the start of school and all that craziness we also began a streak of weddings and wedding-related weekends that was truly a blast... and a bit exhausting. 

In the span of 7 weeks we attended 5 weddings, 1 bachelor party (that one was more me than her, but she made the trip) and 1 homecoming weekend.  All these events took place in the St. Louis region of the state (mostly Washington, MO).   Homecoming was, oddly enough, the relaxing weekend.  It didn't include the 7ish hours of drive time that the other six weekends contained.   If you are unaware, I am a Student Council advisor so this wasn't punishment or anything.... just a long, fun weekend.  

All good things come to an end.  This weekend we will be staying in the Kansas City region and I don't think either of us have ever been so excited to do nothing.    I had a lot of fun but that driving really takes it out of you.   Wedding season is almost over.  I am shooting one in a couple weeks and then the wedding shoes are getting put away for the winter.   These shoes are, of course, metaphorical.  I'm not THAT fancy.

It may seem odd that I am typing this so late.   Nope.   We just took an accidental 4.5 hour nap.   That number may be a little off.... i just took a huge nap.   It really was about that long, though.    That's just an example of the symptoms of constant road-tripping.  


School started and I used that, and probably other things, as excuses not to accomplish much outside of my classroom.   This includes this blog.  I have ideas for things to post all the time and i rarely put them up here.   Bummer.   I'll work on this.   Less talk; more do.  

update:  Pam and I are in the midst of a long run of weddings and other trips taking us to the east coast of Missouri.  Weddings the past two weekends.  Homecoming at Fort Osage is this weekend.  Then 4 more visits in a row until the 27th of October.    Yowza.