Taylor: Senior

Taylor has an awesome first name.  She is an pretty awesome gal.... so she earns the name. (it's a tough vetting process).   I met Taylor years ago in my many travels to the right coast of Missouri.  She is a former student of my leading lady, Pam.   Taylor is also a stuco gal so I see her occasionally at events around the state as well.   We had a lot of fun exploring KC and taking her senior pictures.



Bailey: Senior

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.... where do i begin?   Bailey is a fantastic young lady i had the pleasure of meeting this summer at MASC, a student council camp (council S!) we worked this summer.   She is full of life and of awesome/interesting photo ideas.  She had so many great/creative ideas that we didn't even have time to pull them all off.  If you saw her list of potential photo ideas you may even be thankful that we ran out of time.  She laughs often and easily and i thoroughly enjoyed our day out on the town making these images.

 This last one is for you, Council S.