big ole week

As the end of a school year draws near life gets pretty busy but pretty great.   the weather gets nicer and school gets a little bit busier.   this week, for example, holds the following for me:

5 days of teaching

3 large 'final feasts'

grocery shopping for the finals

large large track meet after school monday

a board meeting to attend

a student council banquet

a end of the year meeting for an organization at school

a royals game

another royals game (buck night, friday night fireworks and grienke on the mound!)

Special Olympics Track Meet at Fort

Graduation Parties

I GRADUATE WITH MY MASTERS in Lamoni on Sunday!!!!!!

maybe sleep here and there.

This may all sound like a lot, and it is, but things slowly taper after graduation and then the end of school.   Summer School, MASC, more summer school, some travel with Pam and some lovely time off are in my future though!

I hope to also get a chance to head home occasionally and be with my family as well as snag some meals like this one my mom made last week:


dang that lady is a great cook.         While i am posting this very random and scattered post i thought i would include this photo of a photo i took.   This is my family back in the day.   I want you to really notice the 'Royals Van' we used to roll in.   Light Blue on the outside with Navy stripes... ROYAL blue everything on the interior.   I miss this van.