'Quaptch' is an onomatopoeia for a sound that came from an interesting man we met a week ago.    The story from the beginning:

It was early in the morning and my sister and a friend of mine where going to a free mini-concert put on by a band called Mumford and Sons.  The music was good but the most memorable part of the entire experience was our long long wait in line.  When my sister and I walked up to the line (which was extremely long...two hours) we encountered the man in line in front of us.   We never caught his name but from here forward he will be called 'Charlie'.    Charlie seemed like an eccentric concert-goer at first glance.    Then he mumbled some things to himself and let out what can only be described as soft cackles.    He would sort of look at things and fake shoot them then soft cackle.... or just say things to himself.   It would be a full hour before i understood a single sentence from him.   He was wearing a STAFF shirt from Sturgis '08....backwards.    The Jack Daniel's logo on the breast of the shirt was now on his shoulder blade and the front (now back) of the collar dipped awkwardly low.       He didn't talk much but when standing feet from a person for over an hour you pick up on things.    Our favorite thing he did was extend out his index finger (not like E.T. but more like he was placing it on a fingerprint scanner to gain entrance to a secret layer) and make the 'quaptch' sound.   Picture the sound you would make if you were trying to mimic the sound effect of people giving a high five on a cartoon.  When he made the sound it was less enthused and more duty-driven..... like he had to touch these things.... claiming them or something.    We would walk a few steps in line and when we got close enough to a fence, building, door, light post, power pole (you get the picture right?) he would 'quaptch' the next thing.      

After an hour in line we made it to the door and he spoke his first understandable sentence and directed it at us.

 " What is this a line for?"       

WHAT!?    awesome.  

So we have been continuing his mission.... or are we competing with him?   Either way we have been 'quaptch'-ing things for a week now and sending photos of what we get.   Click here to check them out or send your own.   

Enjoy....Brenna, Seth, and I sure have been.

 Bam..... just got the president!

Dropkick Murphys

I am currently standing listening to an opening band for dropkick murphys. They aren't so great so I thought I would use this time to finish up my one month blog update daily streak. Done! It's been a great month minus the weather.
Going to our annual dropkick show makes me feel like march and spring are finally here. I couldn't be happier. Just spent an Extra relaxing and awesome weekend with Pam. Life is good. Happy spring everybody.

Let's go murphys!!!

RIP Mary Beggs- awesome teacher. Awesome lady.

Ticketmaster: one of the biggest rip-offs around

Ticketmaster, as we absolutely all know, is a huge rip-off. This last ticket just seems to have put me over the edge.

a $30 ticket became a $45 ticket. a 50% markup. i wish i could get away with that.....i am not sure how i would sleep at night (probably on a huge sack of pilfered money) but qutie the business model. I guess i am just not sure how it is legal. 15 dollars to print off a ticket and drop it in the mail in the next month. boooooo.

The Offspring, Taking Back Sunday, Alkaline Trio, The Used and Anberlin all on one show..... i guess even at the 45 dollar price range that isnt to bad. It is just the principle of the thing...... and the title "convenience" fee which just feels like rubbing it in