40 days

Lent starts on Wednesday of this week. While many think this is a Catholic tradition it is practiced by all sorts and I've always liked a little challenge very year to help me keep things in perspective. My mom always challenged us to participate and I've always thought it was a worthwhile practice.
During Lent you are invited to give something up or make a change for 40 days/nights. Whether you are religious or not it is always a good time to try to better yourself or better the world a bit or at least challenge yourself. In the past I have given up sweets or soda or caffeine. One year I gave up bullfighting and heroine....this was a bit of a joke but I did avoid both for all 40 days and have since.
This year I will be simplifying my world a little bit. I will giving away, selling, or throwing away 40 possessions during Lent. This is an idea I saw earlier this year from the happy family movement.   I am also going to make an active effort to reach out to people everyday that I wouldn't otherwise have contact with. I will try to call, email or send a card to someone every day.
This is what I am doing.
Join me?
How will you change things up for 40 days?