Good PR

As you all probably know I am a teacher at Fort Osage High School.   I work with the Student Council there as well.    The local newspaper that covers Fort and the surrounding schools is called the Examiner.   The Examiner has been running a series of stories about teens and their decision making and the consequences that surround the decisions they make.   The series is called Just say Know.   It talks about addiction, teen pregnancy, crime and violence and the consequences to the futures of these students and their athletics.   There were also pieces about people making positive impacts and good decisions and I was very proud that a great young man from Fort was featured in this positive light.   He is a student athlete at Fort, and one of the many great young students I get to work with in student council.   If you'd like.... check it out here.    

With all the legislative and political issues surrounding education these days it is very easy to lose focus on what is important and what will always be important..... serving students.   Articles like this make it a little easier to focus on doing what I do without worrying about everything else.