I hear people say all the time that they could never work with teenagers.   I guess spending more time with them than anyone my own age makes it a lot easier, but maybe it is all just about perspective.   

I really enjoy working with young people.   They can be trying at times, but what age group can't?   I know that there are CERTAINLY times when adults seem even more frustrating.   

Teenagers, in my limited experience, can be the nicest cats around.   Let's think about an age group that is more in tuned with their world socially.   They are wired to spend their days building relationships and are pretty in tune with people's feelings (for the most part).   

Below is an example of a cake that some of our Stuco kids made for our head advisor who just won this award.  

Some days it is just nice to see people do good in this world.... even if it is the little things.

Especially when it's the little things.