Student Council State Convention

MASC is an organization i have written about a few times and probably talked about if you have spent much time with me.  It's the Missouri Association of Student Councils...... an organization i have been involved with for my entire teaching career and during high school as well.  I have met many many great folks because of this organization, including my fiancee, Pam!  I've always felt like i owe a lot to MASC... its done great things in my life!  

Anyway.... state convention was this past weekend and was great as I knew it would be.  I got to see a number of friends who are advisors at other schools, friends i met in high school, and students I have met from around the state this weekend.  I went with 3 gals from Fort and the head advisor at Fort who was named 'High School StuCo Advisor of the Year' at the conference.  One of our students won a scholarship to camp and Fort Osage won a state office for the first time.   There were guest speakers, idea sharing sessions, activities for students and general fun.   Truman High School (just down the road) will be hosting next year, which i am pretty pumped about.   Anyway, it was a success and many thanks goes to Mehlville High School.

above is a photo from the district flag ceremony that started our convention.   Go Trails West District!!!