Special Olympics: Support it!

I'd like to invite ANYONE reading this to come join me in taking the Polar Plunge in a few weeks.   It is January 29th and is a benefit event for Special Olympics.   I am sure i don't have to convince you that Special Olympics is a fantastic cause....my guess is that you are a bit more skeptical about jumping in a lake in January.   I understand.   So I'll give you some great alternatives.  If you, for various reasons, don't feel like you can/want to jump into a freezing lake (last time i did this there was 8 inch thick ice carved away for our 'plunge area') please support someone who is.    I have a team and would love to accept donations on behalf of Special Olympics.   I am personally trying to raise $300 dollars.   My team consists of students and staff from Fort Osage High School but would accept anyone.   If you would rather your donation go to help a student take the plunge i would gladly make that happen.      

how to donate:

  •  send me a check (made out to SOMO (special olympics missouri))
  • click on this link http://somo.org/taylortholen then click 'donate'
  • find me and give me cash.

 even 5 bucks would be a great donation.... anything you've got would be great.  


The money stays in the Kansas City area...FYI.


Special Olympics is such a fantastic cause.... check out somo.org if you don't believe me.

This awesome pose is of me emerging from Longview Lake a couple years ago.   My inner monologue: "holy shnikes that was cold!"