Snakes on a Pane.

Let's start by saying I think snakes are unnatural and horrible. They don't have legs..... Gross.
Today: I am driving on a rural highway this afternoon when I see a huge hawk-like bird fly out from the fence over my had a huge snake in it's talons. This was a 3-4 foot long, girthy black snake. The bird is flying overhead and drops it right on my windshield. Aaaaaaaaah. It made a pretty gross sound and flew over the top of my car. I am really grossed out at this point, I mean who has a snake hit a windshield!?
No damage to my car but it is very unsettling to have a huge snake flying feet from your head. I hate snakes and am glad I got to finish the kill off for this corner-cutting hawk.
End of story.


edit:    to set the record straight this blog post was renamed by pam... i laughed outloud when she suggested it.   i am a sucker for sam jackson movies.