Brenna gets married this weekend.

My sister gets married this weekend. Wild. I think the wedding will be pretty great and I have the honor and responsibility of capturing this momentous occasion digitally and have recruited some awesome help in this venture. More on this later.
The voice of this blog is mine so its content is mostly about my work and my thoughts and my feelings and I must admit that I am very proud of my sisters and the way they have put their lives together. Jill has been married almost a year and that seems to be going great. She is starting her married life while in college which I am sure poses some unique advantages as well as drawbacks but seems pretty fun. Brenna is getting married this weekend and will be moving to San Diego right after. Adventures! Part of me would have guessed I would have been married first and moved furthest but I dont think it will happen that way. This is not good or bad it is just what it is. I don't regret my path in any way....let me make that clear. No photos to post today. Just thoughts.