ball pit truth

I was in the classroom next door last week talking with another teacher and some students after school and it crossed my mind..... ball pits are awesome.   You remember ball pits, don't you?   reminder photo:

I just think it would a fantastic blast from the past to have a huge ball pit around.  I think for a ball pit to be enjoyable these days I would want it to be a private ball pit.   None of this 'diaper-filled-disgusting-gross-where-have-these-colorful-balls-been-pits'.  I want mine to be clean and new and have the fear the unknown removed so i could really enjoy it.  

My ideas were completely confirmed after watching this past Monday's episode of 'big bang theory' (bazinga) 

I just imagine myself coming home from a long day of school and just falling backwards into a ball pit where all my troubles would just fade away slowly into the colorful, spherical abyss.    Life would just be better this way.    imagine the possibilities.......