snow day

Today is another Snow Day for Fort Osage (and many other schools in the area) and that makes me pretty happy.  I have commented on this before but i feel like this is the main news today and there are a couple things about snow days i do NOT like.   

I am not even going to go there with the whole 'we have to make this up later' argument.   live in the now.

My problems with snow days are this:

1.  I ALWAYS wake up after sleeping in a bit and have a sinking feeling of fear that the snow day idea was just a dream and i am late for school.  it usually happens 2-3 times before i am really confident that i am doing the right thing.    its stressing for a wee moment

2.  When we DON'T have snow days i usually spent the entire night before and morning of must glued to the tv or cell phone waiting to hear.    Then i am a bit let down.   I am not let down at the school district for not calling.... i am let down at myself because i try to operate in the mindset of 'we will have school and if they call it that will be a special surprise.'     we both know that is easier said than done.