Photography resolutions

While I am very aware that new years resolutions are often abandoned soon after february hits that doesn't mean they are a bad thing. They are goals and everyone needs goals. They give us direction and keep us dreaming. I think I will change things up a bit and focus mine to my photography resolutions this year and post them here so I can check my progress.

Here goes:
1. Shoot more often. This is first and foremost.

2. Shoot for fun much more often. I went looong spells this year without touching my camera between paid gigs. That was never my intention in this venture.

3. Network more. I need to be around, feed off of, get ideas from, and share my ideas with people who dig photography as well. I have some ideas in this space.

4. Get on the other side of the camera. This sill probably be pretty easy with my own wedding approaching.

5. Take better care of this site. I am MONTHS behind on updating my galleries on here and I got 'too busy' to post on the blog at the end of the year.

6. FOCUS! I am easily distracted and have a lot going on sometimes. There are no good excuses for not doing something you love.

7. Find a voice for this blog. No, not a narrator, but a point of view. Sometimes I am hesitant to post personal stories on here in fear that it will confuse people who view this site looking to hire me. I think it is important to hire a person, or people...not a business, so I want people to know who I am. I read somewhere once that it was a poor idea to mention photography as a hobby or side gig because it makes you seem like it's not your main focus. IT'S NOT MY MAIN FOCUS! It would be lying to say otherwise. I am proud to be a teacher and enjoy photography as well. That's how it is.

8. Teach more (photography, that is). I won't be teaching the photography summer school course I have the past few summers and have been meaning to give pam some lessons. I've also been considering talking to some folks in similar shoes as myself and maybe hosting some photowalks- anyone interested in attending?

9. Get new business cards. This has been on my to do list for some time so I thought I'd add it here.

10. Donate my time. I'd like to find more time to give.

11. Keep having fun. That's the point of it all, right?

See you all soon, folks.