extended winter break

yes yes yes!    A snow day on a Monday.  This one didn't just extend a weekend though; it extended our whole break.   it feels pretty great.   this makes for a 17th day in a row not to be at school.   While i did do some work at home it is still a great perk of the job.  it was also great to have this break from daily commitments to spend time with pam and my family and my new house!   I have this day off so i thought i would post a quick updates that are all very random.

1. Pam and I made this awesome snowman a few days back and it is still standing in my yard.   

2.   I just updated my links (to the right and down a bit on this page)

3.  I am planning on explaining all the links on that list and why they are there.

4.  I have a few senior sessions coming up and even booked a wedding i believe.    This wedding thing is news because i have turned down a dozen weddings or so in the recent past (even though i have done a couple) but i feel like i have the equipment, the eye, and the experience to move forward in this direction.

5.  I am working on a facebook 'fan page' for my photography...... not sure about it or if it  makes sense but look for an invitation to that one of these days.

6.  Last but not least i wanted to let you all in on this awesome photo site i look at occasionally.   

    - big picture - boston globe -

this is basically a series of full screen gorgeous images

go here occasionally, they covered christmas very well.


hope all is well in your world.