Bacone, Back to School, & Moving

Howdy folks.     It has been a bit since i have been posting on here regularly.  School starting has a way of slowing things down quite a bit in my world.   School is rolling now and life is good again.  That whole transition back is tough.  People ask 'how's school going?' and all i can think is..... 'it is going great but summer is better.'   Something about not going to school/work for a couple months just has a certain appeal to it.   I am teaching an intro foods class and a worlds foods class.  (Nutrition and Wellness I & International Cuisine).   My international class had an open lab last week and we actually made the BACONE a reality.   Here is a photo for your viewing pleasure:

The project was a partial success.   We need to perfect our cone shape and stability then worry about filling this marvelous creation with scrambled eggs and topping it of with a biscuit covered in gravy.     One step at a time.... progress is good.

In other news it looks like the roomie, Holly, has taken a great new job which will take her to Chicago.  If you are keeping score that means she will not live across the hall from me in the house we rent.   I am moving.  It looks like it is time to buy a house this time so this is going to be quite an adventure which i hope all turns out okay.  I have about 2.5-3 weeks to pack my things once again (i am starting to feel like a gypsy) and relocate.

This weekend:  Pam in town, football, movies, cooking, hanging out with the family, softball games.