learning to hit save

i just typed up a very nice very long update about my summer and a bit about life perspective.  it had pictures and i was feeling pretty good about it.   i was just looking over it all and poof.... the browser just closed without reason. "an error occurred".   i bring it all back up and it is nowhere to be found.  i did find the little save button which i will be using from now on.  we will just chalk this little life lesson up in the 'always save your work' category and just assume  that this happened tonight in order to save me from future possible grief.   yeah.... that's a nice spin. (i have already saved this about 4 times at this point..hah)

okay.  a summary of what i was talking about earlier *in photos*:

July is awesome.  I got to travel

biking the bridge

i get to see pam all the time.

pam and i enjoying some time off our feet

i have seen fireworks all month it seems... AND have continued on my "quest for 20" royals games *sitting at 15 currently.

fireworks after a royals win


took engagement photos for my sister *above          got to see bread in the shape of a gator *below

gator bread!

july has just been pretty fancy.  

i have heard people joke about summers being the best reason to be a teacher.   summers are, of course, one of many great things about the profession.  they are pretty necessary, though.  i really can't imagine administrators and teachers and coaches and students all staying very sane without a change of pace for the summer season.   it is just a good time to restore and refresh.    I have been doing so this summer with travel, taking pictures, hanging out with pam a lot, fishing, biking a bit, doing a summer camp, taking pictures, playing softball, sleeping as much as i please, being around friends, swimming (sometimes involuntarily), being with my family, eating new and good food, driving with my windows down, and enjoying ridiculously mild and awesome july weather.

coming up: weddings, stuco retreat, more softball

  I invite you to take a step back occasionally and see how life is treating you and what you can be thankful for.   it feels good.

hope all is well in your world.       stay classy, planet earth.