the red shanty - higginsville, mo - UPDATED

If you have met me you are probably aware that i am a fan of food. On father's day, sunday, my family ate at The Red Shanty. This is a barbecue restaurant opened by a friend of mine's family. My sister worked there for a bit and it has been a bit of a father's/mother's day tradition with our family this year. EVERY time i have been there i have ordered something different and been very happy with my choice every time i have been there.

My parents, sisters, brother-in-law (first time in type!) and myself enjoyed the following meal.

The Red Shanty The Red Shanty The Red Shanty The Red Shanty The Red Shanty The Red Shanty

I am not a harsh harsh critic but would never risk soiling my stellar reputation on the endorsement of less than excellent food.  The Shanty is excellent.  great atmosphere.  great food that is unique.  great drink selection.  just a great experience.     can't wait to eat there again soon!


How funny that i left this off with "can't wait to eat there again soon!"  I ended up going back to the shanty within a week of this last post.   We all ordered more food so i thought i would provide you all with some more pictures.   I think they speak for themselves.  

the spinach salad - side dish

pulled pork wrap - cheese and slaw.... this is what i ordered.   very tasty!

artichoke spinach dip with fried won tons

this is the specials board that explains the artichoke corn pudding (below) which was something i would not have expected to be so excellent.   If it is on the menu.... you can count on it being good.