"i have never used a flash drive" - pam ruether

i hung out with pam(my leading lady) in columbia today which was great.  we got to see a couple other friends of mine and made some important purchases!    we also saw the movie 'observe and report'   do not see this movie.   this movie is terrible.  if you have a free rental from red box and have seen every other movie in the machine a couple times then you could think about renting it for free, but dont.  i dont want to have to tell you i told you so, it will only upset me.     in other news: 

i get to see pam and fam this weekend

my roommate is still great

happy birthday nat!

weather getting nice!

5 day school week (not near as fun as the 3 day weeks we have been having)

i hope all is well with you and yours!