Ticketmaster: one of the biggest rip-offs around

Ticketmaster, as we absolutely all know, is a huge rip-off. This last ticket just seems to have put me over the edge.

a $30 ticket became a $45 ticket. a 50% markup. i wish i could get away with that.....i am not sure how i would sleep at night (probably on a huge sack of pilfered money) but qutie the business model. I guess i am just not sure how it is legal. 15 dollars to print off a ticket and drop it in the mail in the next month. boooooo.

The Offspring, Taking Back Sunday, Alkaline Trio, The Used and Anberlin all on one show..... i guess even at the 45 dollar price range that isnt to bad. It is just the principle of the thing...... and the title "convenience" fee which just feels like rubbing it in