2009 is already over. Dang

2009 has been a pretty great year. It is sort of scary to vividly remember the turn of the last decade and now this one is already here. Jeez. Here are some things that made this year great and interesting:
I lived in three locations this year.
Started my 4th year of teaching.
Was finally done with my masters and taking NO classes.
Traveled to San francisco with Pam.
Taught photography in summer school.
Saw a sister get married.
My 'new' car went over 40000 miles in less than 2 years.
Bought my new camera.
Watched a Fort Osage state football game.
Biked the golden gate bridge.
Discovered sushi and love it!
Turned 26.
Spent a lot of great time with Pam.

Life has been good. Did I miss anything?