best of Luck in Chicago, roomie!

These last few weeks have been a bit crazy in my world.   Homecoming week was a lot of fun but is always a little extra work if you work with Student Councils.  The following week was Parent/Teacher conference week and also house hunting.  My good friend and roommate, Holly, took a job in Chicago which begins in the next few days so we moved out of our house and that has added a bit of work to these past few weeks.  This last week was some of the most tired i have felt in some time.   I felt like i could barely stay awake while driving home from school a couple times.   yikes.

Anyway.... it has been too long since i have updated so i thought i would put out an update.   The Plaza Art Fair was fantastic last week and Pam and i are headed to The Taste of St. Louis today.     I got to sleep in today AND had bacon with breakfast.   This will be a great day.

Best of luck, Holly!!!


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