meet the Tholens! (technically some of these folks don't have that last name but being a Tholen is so much more than a label)

i start with family because that is where it all begins if you ask me.   roots. 

i like to consider myself a bit of an open book... if you have met me you probably know a lot of the info on this page but read on anyway.

i am a father, high school teacher, and student council advisor by day.  i teach cooking/nutrition courses at a local high school and love being around young people.  the whole 'open book' approach to living i mentioned earlier is not entirely accurate.  everyone has aspects of their life that are private, but life, by and large, is lived in public if you are an educator.  this blog is a bit of an extension of that.  another big part of my life is photography, something i have enjoyed since high school.  being behind a camera feels a bit like home.  i started this site as a place to show my photo work and give friends/family a few updates on my world.    enjoy

a short list of other things i love:

  • the kansas city royals
  • laughing
  • food.... esp. bbq and cheetos (crunchy of course.... a puffy cheeto is no cheeto at all)
  • lemonade
  • music - especially live music
  • long sleeved t-shirts
  • meeting new people
  • staying up late
  • my best gal, pam 
  • and of course.... this little lady